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Foundations of Yu

Beyond the Box II “Yu”

Concluding event of the Bridge Dance Festival

2018 Dancemakers Forum SHareOUT!




SHareOUT! is the MCA’s new mini-festival of works that have been developed in a year of research supported by Chicago Dancemakers Forum. Cofounded by the MCA, Links Hall, and the Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago Dancemakers Forum is celebrating 15 years of supporting audacious and imaginative dancemakers.

For her Lab project Asobi: Playing within Time, Yoshinojo trifles with the perception of time as an act of dancing. Searching for and testing the line connecting judgement to gender perception, Yoshinojo’s momentary, organic reaction reflects or responds using the traditional and creative musicians of the Reduction Ensemble, directed by Tatsu Aoki. Her choreography, which stems from traditional pedagogy, lulls viewers into believing what at first appears to be a traditional Japanese dance but is in fact a transgression, filled with subtle expressions of humor and protest.

Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box is Grandmaster Yoshinojo Fujima’s Spring 2017 performance series at Links Hall. Curated by Fujima this series articulates her alternative interpretation of traditional Japanese classical dance works. Confounding the boundaries of social expectations and expanding beyond the limitations set by gender roles in the form, Yoshinojo’s series highlights female dance makers who are reshaping the position of women established by traditional roles. The works and artists selected by Yoshinojo press us to address the social landscape of our time and reconsider the global positioning of women and why and how they are portrayed. The resulting presentations offer a re-structured context for these female performers who are expanding their own portrayals in environments transformed by experimental musicians.

Yoshinojo Fujima performing with
ApriL 21 • Mai Ougi featuring Tatsu Aoki, Jamie Kempkers, Lori Ashikawa, KIOTO
ApriL 22 • Quantum Monk II featuring Eric Leonardson
May 19 • The Rage of Kasane featuring Ayako Kato
June 9 & 10 • Anger and the Bell featuring Lenora Lee, Francis Wong, Tatsu Aoki, KIOTO
7:30pm • Links Hall at Constellation • 3111 n. Western Ave., Chicago • www.linkshall.org
Special Thanks to Grandmaster Shunojo Fujima | Presented by Links Hall and Asian Improv aRts Midwest


Asian improv aRts Midwest is the resident at Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago and is supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council, the MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture at the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the Alphawood Foundation, Corbett, Duncan & Hubly pc, JCCC Foundation, CityArts by City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) Cultural Grants program and The Joyce Foundation. photography by Kioto Aoki