Performing Artist

Suji: Lines of Tradition

Suji: Lines of Tradition - Flyer

Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival

Please come and see the performances


at 7:00p.m.

Links Hall, Studio B
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL

We are happy to announce our first performance of 2019 is part of the

Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival
Co-produced with RoughHouse Theater in their presentation called:

“Immaculate, Poignant, and Medium Length”

Puppet artist Tom Lee and Shubukai’s Yoshinojo Fujima present excerpts from “Suji: Lines of Tradition” as part of the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. The full piece will be presented this May. This original dance/puppetry collaboration and research project is based on their experience and study of traditional Japanese performance. This experimental piece focuses on the presentation of self; exploring ideas of identity and gender presentation using the aesthetics of Japanese classical dance and Japanese cart puppetry (kuruma ningyo) as a lift off point. Shamisen music will be by Tatsu Aoki, and taiko music by Tsukasa Taiko. Interwoven throughout traditional Japanese arts is a sense of tradition, conventions, and rules. This project is made possible by the 3Arts and the 3AP Beyond the Box campaign from last winter. Thank you for your continued support of Shubukai. This is all made possible with everyone’s contribution!